Our Company

Rainger Realty is the real estate business division of Rainger Ventures Private Limited (RVPL), a company headquartered in the Mumbai area of Maharashtra, India. The company runs its exportation, importation & tradinghuman resources and real estate businesses in India and overseas. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company holds a valid IEC from DGFT and is a member of various prestigious organizations like APEDAFIEO and the Department of MSME.

Our Team

Our Founders are highly qualified, experienced and matured entrepreneurs, having background of over half a century in related industries. The top management team consists of well qualified, experienced and seasoned subject matter experts. Together, we are committed to deliver best-in-class services to the customers.

We have dedicated teams located in north, west and central India, as well as an experienced set of experts working for us as consultants, supported by a centralized dedicated back-end, who work relentlessly round the clock to identify, verify and bring forward the best properties and projects for customers. Our solutions and services are backed up by modern-age technologies which make the whole process run in a smooth, controlled and error-free environment. We help saving precious time and minimizing efforts and risks for our customers.

Our Expertise

The company’s real estate related business journey started in 2008 with few small investments in Maharashtra and Gujarat States of India. Over the period of time, the business portfolio of the group has multiplied many folds and growing further.

Through this journey, the group has gathered tremendous amount of experiences and expertise in real estate investment, development and selling, making it one of the most knowledgeable and reliable organizations operating in the industry. On the other hand, the sister businesses of this group have helped it to gain access to the markets overseas. Over the last 6 to 7 years, RVPL has spread its network across India and in many parts of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Thus, today, Rainger Realty is well equipped and always ready to deliver real good real estate related service to its clients, both within India and abroad, based on its industry experience and expertise, supported by in-depth market research wing established at its back-end.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, driven by controlled processes, which operate in a professional corporate framework. We also lay special emphasis on the quality benchmarks of our partners and associates.

While we have our own set of SOPs to follow internally, but we always remain flexible in our approach towards identifying the exact requirements of our clients and thus modifying the scope of services to fulfill the exact goals. This approach has helped us in innovating newer methodologies, delivering greater customer satisfaction through customized services and value additions.

For us, priorities of our customers stand first.  We take pride in being a highly trusted and preferred real estate selling partner for our esteemed clients. Placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to ensure the most reliable TAT, based on our ready pipeline of validated & verified property pool. With an application of predictive & prescriptive technology-led analytics & processes, we are focused on providing innovative real estate property sourcing and verification strategies to reduce the time to possess & the organic risks for our clients. Our strong bench-strength and our State-Of-The-Art Verification Tools aid smart & quick processing decisions, that enhance both clients’ delight & sellers’ experience.

In Rainger Realty, we understand that buying a real estate property is not just a transaction but it is the realization of quite a few important dreams & aspirations of an individual and the family. That’s what we care about.

Thus, when you deal with Rainger Realty for any property related matter, you can be sure of the quality of deliveries we make. We are proud of our demanding customers, who had always pushed us to the brinks and made us excel.

Why Rainger Realty

  • Organized Sourcing Desk
  • Dedicated Verification Team
  • Well experienced back-end team
  • Time bound and Target oriented approach
  • Various subject-matter experts available on call
  • Trusted International tie-ups
  • SOP driven and controlled back-end processes
  • Technology supported operations
  • Elite Management with flexible young mindset
  • Quick response, SLA-based committed deliveries
  • 24×7 accessible

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