Fully Developed Farm Lands in Karjat with luxurious features and amenities – 10000 Sq Ft


  • Clear Title property
  • Well-dressed large clean well demarcated and decorated plots
  • Scenic location
  • Elegant Architectural Marvels
  • Naturally Modulated Terrain
  • Wide internal roads with streetlights and modern landscaping
  • Water and Electricity available
  • Drainage system
  • Plantation in plots
  • Premium amenities
  • Oxygen-filled and Unpolluted natural surroundings
  • Prominent location – close to Radisson Hotel Karjat
  • High appreciation potential
  • Option for 3 and 4 BHK Super Luxurious Villas at additional cost



Botanica is not just a residence, it’s a way of manifesting a life that’s rooted deep and sustainable. It’s an abode that’s meant for the unconventional person that ‘You’ are! It’s not an ordinary collaboration but a partnership of a lifetime. Presenting a world that has you as the center of our ‘YOUniverse’.

Our vision is to create a serene abode where the beauty of nature and the allure of country life come together to provide an unparalleled getaway from the hectic pace of city life.

Botanica is more than just a place to stay; it is a call to embrace a more straightforward, environmentally friendly way of life. Between the Earth and Sky, these Farmscapes do reside in the quiet spaces, where the world is still and pleasant. It’s a tranquil refuge where one can hide from the day to day hustles of City life.

So, if you seek a moment of repose, where you can find a sense of calm and ease, look to the sky and the earth below, for Serenity is found between these – in chirping of birds, in the morning sunshine entering your bedroom, in the freshness of the breeze and in the soothing sound of the rustling of leaves – Botanica Farmscapes is where you will seek the serenity you’ve always aspired for while living in the City.

We’re elated to welcome you to the Farmscapes, which captures the experience and inspiration behind our extraordinary real estate endeavor called Botanica. This is where people can spend time with their family and friends, get back in touch with nature, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Botanica is more straightforward, environmentally friendly way of life. We work hard to create a heaven where you can soak in the pleasure of organic farming, take part in the rhythm of rooted living, and savor the flavor of farm-to-table-cuisine.

Located just ten minutes away from its star-rated neighbor Radisson Blu Karjat, Botanica is designed as a Tropical Resort Style Complex. It is a one of a kind closed gated community of highly fertile farm plots with picturesque mountains and an adjoining perennial river.

Each of our Farmscapes in Botanica offers ‘Garden Therapy’ for superior breathing, relaxation, rejuvenation and de-stressing. The Home Gardens enhance household organic food systems and nutrition. It offers an open canvas to strengthen and intensify respective organic food production in order to mitigate the adverse effect of pesticides and poor food nutrition.

Soak in the Fresh Air of the Hills. Away from the smoggy, urban concrete jungle lies a haven of fresh air that’s sure to rejuvenate your body to the core. Relish the unhindered quality of air that Karjat Dairies has to offer.

Step away from the ordinary and live in grandeur. For those who know that the true meaning of luxury is owning your own land. For those riddled by the woes of urbanity – For those who crave the luxury of nature – We welcome you to a land where luxury is not limited to fancy amenities or posh interiors, where luxury is in the form of an evergreen habitat that has so much to offer.

Ensure fabulous returns for future generations. Amidst all the urbanization and development of the main city, Botanica Farmscapes in Karjat provides the opportunity to leave behind for your children a sustainable habitat that’s untouched by rapid urbanization. Additionally, Karjat is an eco-sensitive zone, which means the land you own will remain green forever.

Abstraction of nature and its components served as the design inspiration for Botanica, which was created as a tropical resort complex. The Botanica’s main gate is intended to serve as an entry to a tropical ecoregion. And beyond that, every structure is built to symbolize a distinct connect with nature.

We hope to leave a lasting impression through our Luxury Farmscapes that honors the beauty of the natural world, encourages eco-friendly living, and fosters a deep sense of connection to the land.


Why Karjat?

Karjat is a Nature’s Masterpiece. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Karjat, Maharashtra, lies a hidden gem – your land of luxury. Karjat, renowned for its enchanting landscapes, offers natural abundance with the comfort of contemporary living. It’s a sanctuary where the rustic charm of the countryside meets the sophistication of modern amenities.

A piece of paradise on Earth with lush greenery all around that extends as far as the eye can see, a vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna that harmonizes with the tranquil riverfront, making it an oasis of calm. The cool, misty mornings here are a refreshing change from the urban chaos, while the starry nights weave a celestial canopy overhead, offering a peaceful retreat from the city’s relentless pace.

Karjat is free from the burden of overcrowding, presents a promising landscape of opportunities and investments. With its ideal mix of contemporary conveniences and pristine natural beauty, the demand for real estate in the region is soaring with time. Key infrastructural projects like the Trans harbor Link, Navi-Mumbai Airport and Jio University are currently underway, further enhancing the region’s attractiveness for potential investors and residents alike.


Why Botanica Landscapes?

  • A farm plot with 7/12 document in your name
  • A paradise, that is just 2.9 km from Radisson Blue, Karjat
  • Well connected by road and rail network
  • Close to Navi Mumbai and International Airport
  • Fully developed – wide 3-layer tarred roads, streetlights, water, electricity, boundary wall
  • Well decorated private layout
  • Excellent climate suitable for serene weekends
  • Located close to vibrating Tourism attractions
  • Appreciation Potential is high in near future


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Botanica FarmSpaces Karjat Project Layout – RaingerRealty.com



Botanica FarmScapes is located at Village Mulgaon Tarf Wasare, Tal. Karjat, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra.


Key Distances from the project site

  • Radisson Blue Karjat: 2.9 km
  • Karjat: 13 km
  • Matheran: 31 km
  • Adlabs Imagica: 35 km
  • Chauk: 21 km
  • Panvel: 40 km
  • Navi Mumbai Airport: 46 km
  • Navi Mumbai: 52 km
  • Lonavala: 44 km
  • Mumbai: 72 km
  • Mumbai Airport: 83 km
  • Pali temple: 65 km
  • Thane: 75 km
  • Pune: 110 km


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  • Gated luxury boutique property complex
  • Well-dressed large clean well demarcated plots
  • 3 sides rubble (R.R) wall up to 1’6″ above ground with coping
  • Designer 4’6″ MS Painted grill on road side above R.R. Walls
  • 4’6″ Framed M.S Angle and painted chain-link fence above R.R Wall
  • Designer Fencing on all sides
  • Entrance Gate pillars, with decorative light and plot number signage
  • Water & Electrical connections
  • Grand entrance gate tower with tropical plantation and fountain
  • Grand entrance landscaped avenue with resort style lighting
  • Landscaped wide internal tarred roads with kerb stone edging with double driveways in key points
  • Entire plantation focusing on well-being and natural ecosystem
  • Curated project landscaping with Resort style ambience
  • Greenery and eco-sustainable development using indigenous manpower
  • 24×7 Security and CCTV Surveillance



  • Grand Entrance gate
  • Wide internal Tarred roads with streetlights.
  • Fully functional clubhouse with cafeteria
  • Large Swimming Pool with sit-out deck areas
  • Gazebos with furniture amidst the sprawling green common lawn
  • Private Swimming Pool with Changing Room
  • Roadside Tree plantation in all plots.
  • Children Park
  • Lawn with Gazebo and sit-out furniture
  • Walking Track



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