Suraj Pawar, Dharnachiwadi, Kolad, Maharashtra

This man operates as a real estate agent in Indapur – Tala – Mangaon area of Maharashtra. He has no MahaRERA registration as a broker and thus has no legal standing. As per information, this man lives in Dharnachiwadi village near Kolad, Mharashtra.

Suraj Pawar normally attracts unsuspecting buyers by giving them false and baseless hopes on quality properties at low price in this areas. He will keep calling the prospect to show properties about which he himself may not have any clue. When the buyer comes for a visit, he will keep showing false properties except one or two which will be exorbitantly priced due to his “margin cut” pre-set with those known property owners. Most of the property papers will be faulty. Even sometimes he will show someone else’s property to keep the prospect engaged and try to offload some junk property (the buyer will be fooled if he trusts Suraj Pawar and does not go through proper legal verification processes before paying token amount). This man is well-connived with fraudulent property owners and dealers in Indapur-Tala areas, most of whom will vanish once any sizable Amount is paid. Be cautious and deal with Suraj Pawar only at own risks. We have Blacklisted him (and 2 of his associates) based on feedbacks from our customers.

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